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Online map of Qinghai Yushu earthquake disaster land use(2010)

Date: 2019-08-26  Editor : houxue2018   

Map description

This map comes from the Major natural disaster Atlas of China in 2010 Surveying and Mapping Press and China Map Publishing House. The editing unit is the National Natural Resources and Geospatial Basic Information Database Project Office.

Land use types include cultivated land, woodland, grassland, water body, residential land and unused land.

Resident housing restoration and reconstruction. For the urban and rural residents in Yushu earthquake-stricken areas (including the staff of the central vertical management department) collapsed and seriously damaged housing reconstruction, in accordance with the principle of the government guaranteeing basic housing needs, the basic housing will be included in the overall construction plan for post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. Industry recovery and reconstruction. Support the restoration and reconstruction of Yushu's disaster-stricken industrial and commercial enterprises, financial outlets, develop facilities for agriculture and animal husbandry, and ecological animal husbandry, promote the transformation of production development mode, develop environmentally-friendly industries, characteristic culture, tourism and other industries, build low-carbon industrial park infrastructure, and support off-site operations. Industrial park. The government supports guiding enterprises to carry out recovery and reconstruction through investment subsidies, capital injections, and interest subsidies. Other restoration reconstruction. Rehabilitation of agricultural and pastoral areas (forest areas) production and living facilities, support for work-for-work, post-earthquake waste and construction waste treatment, Sanjiangyuan ecological environmental protection, disaster land remediation, meteorological monitoring and early warning, geological disaster prevention, comprehensive disaster reduction, etc. Construction of public welfare projects.

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