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Website main function introduction

User register and login

Click "Login", you could see the User login and register,then enter "Register", you need fill in user name, nick name, password and email,so you can succeed in registering for the platform.

Enter the keyword in the search box, click the search button to view the infomation & document & Map & Tutorial related to this keyword.


"Documents" have four kinds of release formation: Catalog, Post, Page, Wiki. They are used for various of document types in DRR Knowledge Service Systems, the path to access are different. Wiki is a hypertext link that implements text jumps to provide content related to a topic (keyword), which facilitates site content retrieval. Database design of the document publishing fields are: Title, Category, Label, Picture, Content.


Click "Cases", you could see the disaster datasets of “Wenchuan Earthquake”,“Zhouqu Debris Flow”,“Jiuzhaigou Earthquake”“Cases in South Asia”“Kubuqi Desertification” “Da Hinggan Mountains Forest Fire”had been formed by crawling and selecting the precise information in network. User can click the coordinate point, the corresponding title will be shown, then clicking on it or choosing “More” on the right side, a new interface about the specific application will be displayed, including visualized map, data list, documents and information.


The sidebar is developed catagory switching function, you can quickly find the desired dataset from a large number of datasets. As shown in below, there are six catagories: "Biology", "Climatology", "Geophysics", " Hydrology", "Meteorology", "Technology", click any catagory to view the relevant information.


Click "Data", you could see many science datasets and find the dataset you need. You can browse the data description document before logging in; you can download it when you log in.


Click "Education" to view the directory, They are as follows:

Click "Education" -"Tutorial":

Click "Education" -"Training":

Click "Education" -"PopSci":


Click "Catalog" to view the directory, They are as follows:

Click "Catalog" -"Organization":

Click "Catalog" -"Experts":

Click "Catalog" -"Web Directory":


Click "Maps" to view the online map directory, They are as follows:

In the example above, click "Earthquake Disasters" to view "Epicentral distribution of China Earthquakes Online map (2300 BC to the spring of 2000 AD, magnitude 4 or above)", they are as follows::

This website online map module can realize the scaling, translation, online query map coordinates, online map superposition, the current view Shared links, location tagging Shared functions.

Click on the title bar under the "screen Full", you can view the map and map the label, overlay and other operations.


Related links at the bottom of the home page can be opened according to preferences.

Comments and evaluation function

All the documents and information resources of this website are equipped with comments and evaluation functions.they are as follows: