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Self-help knowledge of earthquake disaster

Earthquake and its definition

Earthquakes, also known as earthquake and ground vibrations, are the vibrations that occur during the rapid release of energy from the earth's crust and are a natural phenomenon of seismic waves. The collision and collision between plates and plates on the earth, resulting in faulting and rupture within the plates, edges and plates, is the main cause of earthquakes.

The place where the earthquake started was called the hypocenter, and the ground just above the epicenter is called the epicenter. The most severe ground vibration of a destructive earthquake is called a "polar earthquake zone", which is often the epicenter of the earthquake. Earthquakes often cause heavy casualties, which can cause fires, floods, poisonous gas leaks, bacteria and radioactive materials, ... [More]

When an earthquake occurs, how do you save yourself in the following situations?

Earthquake Science
    Earthquake is the rapid vibration of the Earth's surface, that is, the Earth's internal media local sharp rupture, resulting in seismic waves, which in a certain range caused by the phenomenon of ground vibration. Earthquake is also known as earth movement in ancient times. [More]

Earthquake science knowledge lectures
    Earthquakes are what people often say. It is like a typhoon, rainstorm, flood, volcanic eruption, tsunami, frost, is often a disaster of natural phenomena. [More]
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Self-help knowledge of flood disaster

Flood and its definition

The flood was caused by heavy rain, the rapid flow phenomenon the snow melts the ice storm surge, the natural factors such as rivers and lakes or the rapid increase of water level rose rapidly. When the rainstorm or snowmelt occurs in the basin, the runoff is gathered at the exit section of the river according to its distance. As the nearby runoff arrives, the flow of the river begins to rise, and the water level rises accordingly. When most of the high intensity surface runoff reaches the exit section, the maximum discharge is called peak flow, and the corresponding maximum water level is called the peak water level. At a certain time after the storm has stopped, the river surface runoff and the amount of water stored in the ground, ... [More]

When a flood occurs, how do you save yourself in the following situations?

Flood prevention and self-help
    Before leaving the house should do those things? The gas valve, the main switch, such as power off, the door closed, so as not to fall with the family property drifting away. [More]

How to hedge against floods
    Threatened by floods, to move quickly to high places. In the case of floods, try to use boats, rafts, door panels, wooden beds, etc., do water transfer. [More]
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