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Drought zoning online map of Sichuan Basin, China

Date: 2019-04-16  Editor : houxue2018   

Map description

Climatic type of Sichuan Basin

Sichuan Basin topographic occlusion, the temperature is higher than other regions with the same latitude. The coldest monthly average temperature of 5 ~ 8 ℃, compared with the same latitude in Shanghai, Hubei and latitude south of Guizhou, high 2 ~ 4 ℃. Extreme lowest temperature -6 ~ -2 ℃. Frost is rare, the frost-free period of 280 to 350 days long, with the same latitude on the Wuhan winter frost continued, the basin is located in the Yangtze River in Changning year frost. The temperature of the western summer is lower than that of the cities of Shanghai and Wuhan in the same latitude, which is 3-4 degrees lower than the same latitude, but the humidity is relatively large. Unbearable, the average temperature at 25 ℃ up and down, the basin temperature southeast high northwest low, pelvic floor high edge low. The hottest month temperatures as high as 26 ~ 29 ℃, the Yangtze River Valley nearly 30 ℃. The summer even the high temperature of the southeast of the basin has caused severe summer drought. The annual average temperature around 16 ~ 18 ℃. More than 10 ℃ activity accumulated temperature 4500 ~ 6000 ℃, duration of 8 to 9 months, is a subtropical. The southeastern Yangtze River Valley accumulated temperature of more than 6000 ℃, equivalent to the South China Nanling south of the subtropical climate. The temperature of the basin is high in the east and low in the west, high in the south and low in the north. The pelvic floor is high and the edge is low, and the isotherm is concentric. The mountainous temperature of basin edge has the characteristics of vertical distribution, such as Mount Emei, Jinfoshan elevation of 100 meters, the temperature decreases 0.55 ℃ and 0.61 ℃. Emei Peak annual average temperature is only 3 ℃, 10 ℃ above activity accumulated temperature 586 ℃, the climate is equivalent to cold temperate and sub-tropical zone.

  • This map comes from the "China Geographic Atlas" China Sichuan Basin arid zoning
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