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The deployment online map of fire fighting team of the forest fire in Greater Higgnan Mountains(2010)

Date: 2019-05-05  Editor : houxue2018    Full screen

Category: Disaster impactForest Disasters

Map description

This map comes from the Major natural disaster Atlas of China in 2010 Surveying and Mapping Press and China Map Publishing House. The editing unit is the National Natural Resources and Geospatial Basic Information Database Project Office.

After the fire broke out, the National Forest Fire Prevention Command dispatched 7 batches of staff to assist in the former work and provide technical services; allocated rescue funds to Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, allocated 4 million yuan to fight fire materials, and mobilized several forest troops and officers across the province. Support the fire, and actively coordinate the relevant departments and units to support local fire. More than 2,000 officers and men of the People's Liberation Army, four helicopters, and the Heilongjiang Corps of the Armed Police Force dispatched more than 2,000 troops in Beijing and Shenyang Military Regions. 6,500 forest firefighters were mobilized in Heilongjiang Province for emergency support. The public security fire brigade dispatched 950 troops and the forest troops dispatched more than 6,300 troops. The force directly participates in the fire fighting work. During the fire, 14 helicopters, 5 artificial rainfall aircraft and thousands of large vehicles were involved in disaster relief.

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