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Online Map of Landslide Disasters in China

Date: 2020-06-02  Editor : hjulesmaurice@yahoo.com   

Map description

China Landslide Disaster Online Map.

Subarea of Landslide Disaster Degree

Ⅰ1 Sichuan-Yunnan Plateau Mountains

Ⅰ2 Loess Plateau

Ⅱ1 Daba、Wushan and Huaying Mountain

Ⅱ2 Wuling and Dalou Mountains

Ⅲ1 Nangabawa and Shaluli Mountains

Ⅲ2 Himalayan Mountains

Ⅲ3 Qinling and Funiu Mountains

Ⅲ4 Kunlun Mountain Area

Ⅳ1 Mountainous and Hilly Areas in Southeast Yunnan and Southwest GuangxiⅣ2 Hills in Sichuan Basin

Ⅳ3 Snow Peak and Dayao Mountain Hills

Ⅳ4 Hilly and Mountainous Areas in the South of the Yangtze River

Ⅳ5 Mountains and hills in Taiwan

Ⅴ1 Qinghai-Tibet Hilly Plateau

Ⅴ2 Bayan Hara Mountains

Ⅴ3 Tianshan and Altai Mountains

Ⅴ4 Qilian Mountains

Ⅴ5 Taihang and Luliang Mountain Plateau

Ⅵ1 Tongbai and Dabie Hills

Ⅵ2 Mountainous and Hilly Areas in Southeast Shandong

Ⅵ3 Yinshan and Yanshan Hills

Ⅵ4 Great Hinggan Mountains and Inner Mongolia Plateau Mountains

Ⅵ5 Xiao Hinggan Mountains and Changbai Mountains and Hills

Ⅶ1 Tarim and Qaidam Basins

Ⅶ2 Junggar Basin

Ⅶ3 Songnen Plain

Ⅶ4 Sanjiang Plain

Ⅶ5 The plains of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River

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