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Chinese hydrogeological terrain map

Date: 2019-11-21  Editor : houxue2018   

Category: Others

Map description

In the map, we can see the hydrographic map of China.The scale of the map is 1:14000000. The descriptive datas of the map are the type of groundwater, the degree of water rich, the water quality of the groundwater, and the others.

Groundwater type

  1. Loosely deposited pore water

(1) Accumulating plain sand gravel layer pore water

(2) Porous gravel layer pore water in alluvial plains of inland basins

(3) Loess pore water in the Loess Plateau

(4) Desert pore water

  1. Karst fissure cave water

(1) Exposed and semi-naked karst fissure cave water

(2) Concealed karst fissure cave water

  1. Bedrock fissure water

(1) Bedrock fissure diving

(2) Bedrock fissure diving and confined water

  1. Years of frozen soil void crack water

(1) High-latitude mountain permafrost void crack water

(2) Peripheral frozen soil void crack water in the middle and low latitude plateau

  1. Water richness

  2. Groundwater quality

  3. Other

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