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Multi-frequency online map of natural disasters in China (1978-2000)

Date: 2018-07-20  Editor : houguangbing   

Map description

natural disaster-prone regional differences

Natural environment transition zone, such as the mid-latitude zone, land-sea transition zone, agro-pastoral ecotone and so on, the natural disaster-causing factor relative clustering.

  • Several regions of the natural environment transition to form high-value areas of the interlaced region, China's North China is in such a position, so China's natural disaster-causing factor of the most crowded areas.

  • Areas with poor natural conditions do not necessarily have many types of disasters.

Regional Natural Disaster Chain and Its Causes

With the primary natural disaster induced a series of secondary disasters, said the phenomenon of disaster chain, or disaster bursts. This phenomenon often occurs in the high-grade, high-intensity natural disasters.

Causes of Flood Disasters (Example)

Floods are: a, heavy rain, rapid melting of snow and ice, storm surge and other natural factors caused by the rapid increase in the rivers and lakes, sea water, or the rapid rise in water level phenomenon. B, rivers, lakes, oceans and other water level rise, flooded places usually do not Sheung Shui a hydrological phenomenon, often threaten the local security or lead to flooding disasters.

Floods: "flood" refers to heavy rain, heavy rains caused by rapids, flash floods, flooding, flooded farmland, destruction of the environment and a variety of facilities. "Waterlogging" refers to the water too much or too concentrated or return to pulp water caused by excessive water disaster. (Due to excessive local rainfall, surface runoff can not be ruled out, the farmland water than crops flooding ability, resulting in agricultural production disaster. Caused by crops because the water depth is too large, too long, so that the soil air Resulting in crop root oxygen deficiency, root Department of breathing difficulties, and produce ethanol and other toxic and harmful substances, thereby affecting crop growth, and even cause crop death.

Source: Atlas of China's Natural Disaster System

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