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A historical tectonic map of huali west in China

Date: 2019-07-09  Editor : houxue2018   

Category: Others

Map description

A historical tectonic map of huali west in China


Intermediate-acid intrusive rocks

Ultramafic rocks


Island arc volcanic rocks

Blue amphibolite schist


Caledonian crustal docking zone

Variscan crustal docking zone

Variscan crustal overlap zone

Variscan crustal subduction zone

Variscan Crustal Expansion Zone

Late crustal subtraction zone

Late translational fracture

Major basement faults

Types of Crustal Structure

Continental crust

Basement eminence

Open inland basin

Ibid., C2-P transgression

D-P epicontinental sea, shelf sea

Ibid., C-P is Gondwana-type deposit.

C2-P epicontinental sea

Active Lu Peng

Marginal depression of foreland basin

Rift basin

Transitional and Ocean Crust

Transitional crust undivided

Continental slope

Rift continental margin

Island arc sea

Oceanic crust

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