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Online Map of Soil Erosion in China

Date: 2019-04-16  Editor : houxue2018   

Map description

Micro erosion (Blow-out effect is dominant):a Arid oasis;b Meadow steppe

Mild erosion(Blowing in dry season and formation of sandy slope on sandy surface):a Reclamation of meadow grassland;b Steppe

Moderate erosion(Sandstorms or beaches or ridges on the ground):a Reclamation of steppe;b Desert steppe

Strength erosion(Active dunes or wind erosion dunes):a Fixed dune;b Semi-fixed dunes

Extreme intensity erosion (Dune activity):a Less active;b Highly active

Severe erosion(Gobi beach, bare floor)/Freeze-thaw erosion/Mild erosion (alpine meadow, meadow grassland)/Moderate erosion (alpine desert grassland, desert)/Strength erosion (Seasonal frozen soil)/Extremely intensive erosion (Permafrost)/No obvious erosion/Dense forest and alpine tundra/Modern accumulations/Paddy field/Hydrochemical dissolution

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