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Space Disaster Mitigation Actions

2021-10-29  |   Editor : houxue2018  

With the development of science and technology, the impact of space disasters on human activities is increasing. Space exploration is surging, and it is no longer limited to a few countries. On July 9, 2001, the China Space Administration and ESA formally signed the "Double Star Project" for the detection of Earth space storms (including magnetospheric substorms, magnetic storms, magnetospheric particle storms, ionospheric storms, and thermospheric storms). "The "earth space storm" that exists in the earth's space is the main reason that threatens the safety of astronauts. The powerful space powers in the world are all committed to studying space storms. The "Double Star Program" cost 400 million yuan and is the first international space cooperation program with China as its mainstay. Through the implementation of this plan, it is possible to study the space environment and forecast these space catastrophic weather more accurately, which is of great significance to the study of the formation and evolution of geospatial storms. Two satellites of the Double Star Program, one orbits the South Pole and the North Pole, and the other orbits the equator. These two areas are exactly where magnetospheric space storms occur, which are dangerous areas where no satellites at home and abroad have ever worked.

The Detecting Satellite No. 1 (TC-1), the "equatorial satellite", was launched on December 30, 2003, and the Detecting Satellite No. 2 (TC-2), the g|3 "Polar Satellite" in July 2004. Launched on the 25th. The two satellites will work closely with the four satellites of the European Space Agency’s Cluster 2 to form a deep distribution in the space from the sun to the earth. In addition, the "double star" is the longest distance launched by our country from the earth. The apogee height of Exploration No. 1 is more than twice as high as the geosynchronous orbit, and it is a rare high-orbit satellite in the world. The two satellites operate in the near geomagnetic activity that is not covered by the current international geospatial exploration satellites. The double-star project, in conjunction with the “Cluster” of the European Space Agency, constitutes the first time in human history that the same or similar detectors have been used to conduct “six-point” exploration of the Earth’s space and study the overall changes in the Earth’s magnetosphere. Rules and mechanisms of outbreak events.

A major national scientific and technological infrastructure project-the Meridian Chain for Comprehensive Monitoring of the Space Environment in the Eastern Hemisphere (referred to as the Meridian Project) along the 120° East longitude meridian, using the Mohe River in the north, through Beijing and Wuhan, to Hainan in the south and extending to Zhongshan Station in Antarctica, and to the east Starting from Shanghai, passing through Wuhan, Chengdu, and west to Lhasa along the 30°N latitude line, there are 15 existing monitoring stations. Sounding rockets and other means to continuously monitor the geomagnetic field and electric field in the middle and upper atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere from 20-30km above the earth’s surface to several hundred kilometers, as well as the interplanetary space environment beyond a dozen or so of the earth’s radius , The wind field, density, temperature and composition of the middle and upper atmosphere, related parameters in the ionosphere, magnetosphere and interplanetary space, and a large-scale space environment ground-based monitoring system jointly operated (Figure 7-1).

Schematic diagram of China’s "Midnight Project" (Source: Xinhua News Agency)
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