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The basic situation of astronomical tides, lake flood and agitation

2019-12-05  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Astronomical Tides

It refers to long period fluctuation phenomenon of sea water that caused by tidal forces. The highest point in a fluctuation process is called the high tide, and the lowest, low tide. In addition, the water level between these two adjacent points is called the tidal range. The largest tidal range of Bay of Fundy in Canada is 19.6 meters, and the maximum tidal range in Hangzhou Bay is 8.9 meters.

Lake Flood

Lake Flood can be produced when the exchange of water volume in the river or the effect of strong wind occurs, or when they both occur. When flood encounters flow and is supported by rivers, it will make the sea level increase sharply. Thanks to the effect of prevailing winds, which can cause the lake to move, the wind current will be generated and the height of the current sometimes can reach up to 5 ~ 6 m, such as North America's Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, etc.


It refers to the abnormal phenomenon of rising and falling in water level caused by typhoon, extratropical cyclone, cold peak wind power and pressure surge, and other strong weather systems. It can lead to the increase of water level accompanying heavy winds and huge waves, which is also known as agitation of adding water.

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