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Definition of astronomical disasters

2021-11-03  |   Editor : houxue2018  

What is astronomical disaster?

Astronomical disasters refer to space celestial bodies or their states, such as the sun's surface, solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere, and thermosphere that have abnormal changes in an instant or a short period of time, such as strong coronal mass ejection, large flares, high-speed solar wind, magnetic storms, substorms, Sudden ionospheric disturbances, ozone holes, astronomical tides, and near-Earth object impacts on the earth can cause the collapse of satellite operations, communications, navigation, and power plant transmission networks, endanger human life and health, and cause social and economic losses.

German scientists recently proposed that the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by the severe "space weather" at that time, that is, a strong stream of particles from the universe broke into the earth and caused drastic changes in the earth's climate, which led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. In fact, there are several similar theories about the reasons for the extinction of dinosaurs. For example, some people think that an asteroid once collided with the earth. Dust filled the sky and blocked the sunlight from shooting to the ground, causing a large number of biological extinctions. Some people think that there was a sunspot eruption, and high-energy particles that reached the earth destroyed the earth's magnetic field. Although the above conjectures are divergent, more and more people believe that the extinction of dinosaurs was caused by astronomical disasters. Not many people pay attention to astronomical disasters, but the losses caused by astronomical disasters to mankind are getting more and more serious.

In March 1989, a rare astronomical disaster occurred in history. The satellite fell, the tracking and identification of flying objects were difficult, radio communications in low-latitude areas were interrupted, the navigation systems of ships and airplanes failed, the transformers of American nuclear power plants were burnt down, and northern Canada The grid failure caused a power outage of 6 million residents for 9 hours, which shocked the international community. Since then, major astronomical disasters have occurred almost every year. The astronomical disaster event on July 14, 2001 caused the navigation failure of the GPS (Satellite Positioning System) in the United States, the imaging satellite could not work for several days, and the orbit of a Japanese satellite was o ut of control. If the above-mentioned astronomical disasters are accurately forecasted, the losses caused can be avoided or reduced. A large number of facts fully show that the harm caused by astronomical disasters to human beings and even the earth is getting more and more serious.

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