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The heavy rains caused by weather system in northeast of China

2018-06-15  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Meteorological

The heavy rainfall caused by the main weather system in Northeast China can divide into four categories as follows: typhoon, cyclone, cold vortex and shear. The typhoon can also divide into four small categaries as follows: disappearing class, moving northward partial west class, moving northward partial east class and turning east class. The cyclone can divide into Mongolia cyclone, north China cyclone, Yangtze and Huai rivers cyclone. The cold vortex can be part of partial north vortex, middle vortex and partial south vortex. The shear can be divided into the shear line, cold front and posterior subtropical high.

Typhoon rainstorm

Typhoon is the main weather system of heavy rainstorms and regional rainstorms in Northeast China.

Typhoon rainstorm accounted for the largest proportion of rainstorms. Since 1960, four extreme large-scale rainstorms have occurred in Heilongjiang Province, three of which were directly influenced by typhoons. For regional rainstorms, typhoon or the rainstorm that was formed by combination of typhoon and cold front which take up 18% in eleven influencing systems. Typhoons caused all 9 extrem e large-scale rainstorms in Jilin Province, also it occupies 19.9% in various synoptic systems of regional rainstorms. In addition, there were 13 extreme large-scale rainstorms in Liaoning Province, of which eight were directly caused by the typhoon.

The information is provided by Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service.

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