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The basic situation of agricultural meteorological disasters

2018-09-05  |   Editor : houguangbing  

In the process of agricultural production, human beings are greatly influenced by the natural environment. Favorable light, heat, moisture and other weather conditions can make people gain a higher and better-quality yield, but adverse climate conditions always cause crop failure and even disastrous consequences, thus harm human production, life and even subsistence. Agricultural production is characterized by natural reproduction and economic reproduction. Light, heat, moisture and other weather conditions are not only the environmental conditions of agricultural production, but also the persistence power source and irreplaceable material base. Hence, agricultural must depend on atmospheric conditions. Because of its uncertainty, human beings are unable to adjust the light, heat, moisture and other environmental conditions in a large scale and scope according to their will, so the natural risk of agricultural production is high. According to the statistics, meteorological disasters are the most harmful to agricultural production in all kinds of natural disasters.

The growth and process of physiological activities of various agricultural creatures (including food crops, vegetables, flowers, economic crops, livestock and poultry, fish, bees, mulberry, edible fungus, etc) have strict requirement and adaptive range of climate conditions, and they depend on certain meteorological factor and the reasonable match of these factors. When the amplitude and variation period of meteorological factors exceed the requirements of biological normal physiological activities and tolerance limit, the agricultural meteorological disasters will occur. So in short, agricultural meteorological disasters refers to all kinds of adverse climate processes and weather phenomena that lead to crop failure and damage of equipment, such as drought, flood, storm, chilling, injury, cold, wind, hail, dry-hot wind, snow disaster, etc.

The living areas of agricultural organisms are mainly concentrated in the atmospheric environment within dozens of meters above the ground and soil environment and water environment. This range of environmental conditions and biological organisms are interrelated and restricted mutually, which can be considered as a whole system. In this system, solar radiation, temperature, moisture, air and other meteorological factors are not only one of the agricultural conditions that affect the agricultural production, but also provide the necessary material and energy in the growth and development of organisms and they can influence the agriculture through indirect effects on other environmental factors.

The different combinations of meteorological factors have different effects on agricultural production. Only when the combination of these factors is in the optimal state can the agricultural products be more productive and superior. Conversely, the deficiency or overdose of any factor can cause damage to agriculture.

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