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Measures to prevent the invasion of alien species

2019-11-13  |   Editor : houxue2018  

(1) Establish a unified and coordinated management organization. Specific to China, a unified coordination and management organization including quarantine, environmental protection, marine, agriculture, forestry, trade, scientific research institutions and other departments should be established. This institution should comprehensively and comprehensively carry out prevention and control of alien species from the national interest rather than the interests of the department. Before the introduction of alien species, the agricultural, forestry or marine management departments should conduct risk assessment with the scientific research institutions, and the environmental protection department should make an environmental assessment. The quarantine department will carry out strict port checks and coordinated actions to jointly carry out the prevention and control of alien species.

(2) Improve the risk assessment system. To prevent the invasion of alien species, the primary task is to defend. The risk assessment system for alien species is to strive to reject the more harmful organisms in the first region. Through such a risk assessment system, the possibility of the ecosystem being affected by the introduced species can be indicated, so that the species that harm the ecosystem can be largely avoided.

(3) Strengthen coordination and cooperation. The scientific risk assessment should be based on the comprehensive understanding of the biological characteristics, reproduction and dissemination ability of the species, and the information of the relatives. The cooperation of various scientific research institutions is an important way to obtain sufficient information.

(4) Improve the evaluation of specific indicators. An alien species invasion risk index assessment system should be established, that is, according to its genetic characteristics, reproductive and proliferation ability, its biological characteristics and the impact on the ecological environment, the risk level is quantified according to the score of the answer question. Make risk assessment work more targeted and actionable.

(5) Establish a tracking and monitoring system. After a foreign species has been introduced, if the monitoring is not continued, once the organism has been proved to be a pest or has gradually turned into a pest with changes in climatic conditions, it is equal to abandoning a country. The opportunity to completely eradicate it in the early stages of its spread is likely to be a serious ecological disaster.

Firstly, the archival classification system of imported species should be established, and the time and place of entering the country should be registered in detail. Secondly, the growth and reproduction should be monitored regularly, the survival and development of the species should be mastered, and the tracking and monitoring system of alien species should be established. Once problems are discovered, they can be resolved in a timely manner. It will not pose a threat to China's ecological security, nor will it require huge funds to be managed.

(6) Establish an integrated governance system. For the harmful species that have been invaded, it is necessary to ensure the establishment of a sustainable control and management technology system through an integrated governance system. Once an alien harmful species invades, it is very difficult to completely cure it. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of various methods of treatment through the comprehensive application of biological methods, physical methods, and chemical methods to achieve the best management effect of invasive alien species.

(7) Strengthen quarantine work and establish a reporting system and information sharing system for alien species. On the one hand, the quarantine department should strengthen quarantine, crack down on smuggling of animals and plants and evade quarantine incidents: strengthen the cooperation of personnel and strengthen the quarantine force in areas where invasive alien species are most likely to be concentrated. On the other hand, strengthen scientific research and information exchange, establish a multi-level report and analysis system for alien species at the provincial, city and county levels, and establish an inquiry system for alien species outbreaks to realize information sharing, thereby helping farmers or households. Master the disease and minimize the risk.

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