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Seed Germination of Allium Ramosum from Mongolia Plateau Under Drought Stress Simulated by PEG

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 436    


HUANG Xiu-mei, HAO Li-zhen, YUAN Chun-ai
Drought analysis
Paper Keyword
Allium ramosum L. ; PEG stress; seed germination; germination recovery; seedling growth
0% , 5% , 10% , 15% , 20% and 25% PEG-6000 solutions were used to simulate drought stress conditions for the germination of Allium Ramosum. Daily relative germination rate, germination percentage,germination potential, germination index and vigor index under each water stress were recorded. The effects of drought stress through PEG treatment on seed germination, and the recovery germination ability by 20% ,25% PEG solutions soaking pretreatment were studied in a series of laboratory tests. The results showed that the mild water stress ( 5% PEG concentration) compared with the control group made the germination peak ahead,improved the seed germination rate, significantly promoted the seed germination. The moderate water stress (10% PEG concentration) significantly reduced the germination potential, but had no significant effects on the germination percentage. The high water stress ( 15% PEG concentration) significantly inhibited the seed germination, prolonged the seed germination time, but the germination percentage was 80% of the control. so,A. Ramosum. had strong drought resistance. When the PEG concentration was 20% or 25% , the seeds of A. Ramosum could not germinate. When seeds had enough moisture after stress relief, they could germinate immediately, and quickly and orderly. This is a kind of A. Ramosum. seeds have strong drought adaptation in adverse circumstances,is also one of the survival strategies of wild plants.
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