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Estimation of Total Suspended Matter Concentration Based on Semi-analysis Algorithm in Inland Turbid Waters

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 3598    


SHI Kun, LI Yun-mei, LIU Zhong-hua, XU Yi-fan, XU Xin, MA Wan-quan, LU Chao-ping
Paper Keyword
total suspended matter; Lake Taihu; Lake Chaohu; bio-optics model
According to the principles of bio-optics and the spectrum characteristics, the suitable remote sensing reflectance bands range for estimating TSM concentrations was determined based on the ratio of total suspended matter ( TSM ) absorption to the water absorption. Related bio-optics parameters were determined by using least squares technique and previous studies of the inherent optics parameters characteristics. And then the single band bio-optics models for inversing TSM concentrations in turbid waters were developed. Result shows: The remote sensing reflectance in short wavelengths are not suitable for inversion TSM concentration,because of light saturation resulting from high TSM absorption proportion correspond to the water total absorption. The remote sensing reflectance in the range of 732-850 nm are appropriate for TSM concentration inversing during to the low TSM absorption proportion.The mean relative errors and RMSEs of the models developed by this study are below 24% and 18mg / L respectively, which indicate the good performance of this algorithm and the inferior to traditional empirical model.
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