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Research on the Performance Planning of Supportability Public Project in Wen-Chuan Disaster Area

Date: 2017-09-25      View counts: 3813    


Yin yilin; Wan lifeng
Science and Science and Technology Management
Reconstruction after disaster
Paper Keyword
supportability public project; performance management; stakeholder
The decision-make of supportability public project is a kind of authoritative allocation of social values by government, is a tool to achieve the objectives of disaster management and is a weight affected the rights and interests of the orderly adjustment. The process of public project decision -making, as a complicated public event that lots of involved, should be kept in balance and worked together. So the process of seeking common interests, considered as procedures safeguard the social balance, makes the people in disaster areas not just passive acceptance, they should be proactive in putting forward their expectations. The stakeholder theory advocates that the results of project decision-making should carry out stakeholders' interest demands, in particular, the interests of groups affected by disaster, and lay the foundation for the pursuit of the success of the project.
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