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Fundamental Function in Resource Environment Carrying Capacity Evaluation in the State Planning for Post- Wenchuan Earthquake Restoration and Reconstruction

Date: 2017-09-25      View counts: 2713    


Fan J;Tao an jun ;Chen tian
Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Assessment of Carrying Capacity on post-disaster Reconstruction
Paper Keyword
Wenchuan earthquake, reconstruction planning, resources and environment carrying capacity evaluation, suitability of reconstruction condition
Resources and environment carrying capacity evaluation issued by Chinese Academy of Sciences is a significant part of the state planning for post-Wenchuan earthquake restoration and reconstruction. On the basis of fully recognizing the change of resources and environment carrying capacity after the earthquake disaster and according to the connotation definition of the suitability of reconstruction condition, it identifies scientifically and illustrates the disparity of the planned area. The evaluation provides a cogent support to the reconstruction planning and plays an utmost important role in improving the scientificalness of planning and decision-making. The paper introduces the evaluating basis and major conclusions of the evaluation. Based on the carrying capacity evaluation, the paper also gives some suggestions for the compilation of the reconstruction planning.
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