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Thoughts on the Reconstruction Planning after the Wenchuan Earthquake

Date: 2017-09-25      View counts: 3868    


Li xun; Lu huaxiang; Huang jijun et al
Urban development research
Reconstruction after disaster
Paper Keyword
Earthquake Calamity; Reconstruction Planning; Scientipic Site Choosing
The violent earthquake of 8.0 degree occurred at 14:28, May 12, 2008 shocked the whole world, which huge power of that life and theories to the urban and rural construction.I would have a hard and complicated work for the post-earthquake mission choice of the site for the reconstruction is the first subject, which would the the key factor for the success of the reconstruction The paper gives the thoughts on the reconstruction planning for Wenchuan, based on the processes principles and relative policies for the site choice of reconstruction, and it will be beneficial and guiding for the site choice of reconstruction planning.
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