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Pension online calculation tool

years old.
years old.
yuan (The specific amount can be inquired by the local social security department)

The retirement pension insurance calculator can help you calculate the basic pension amount for each month after retirement.

Calculation method:

\(Basic pension = (Average monthly salary + Average monthly wage)/2 × payment period ×1%\)

Description: Through this calculator, you can increase the default employee salary based on your average monthly salary and the average monthly salary of your city's employees last year, the age at which you plan to retire, the amount of pension accumulated by the account, and the default personal salary growth rate. The rate is calculated to give a basic pension amount for retirement every month.

Calculation formula: (only for retirement calculation after January 1, 2006)


\(P1=(W+Y)/2 \times N \times 1%\)

\(P2=Q/counting months \)

\(P3=Y \times N \times X\)

Parameter meaning and explanation:

P - basic pension fund

P1 - basic pension

P2 - one person account pension

P3 - Transitional Pension

Q——The amount of personal account storage when employees retire

W—The average monthly salary of the employees in the province during the previous year when the insured person retires

N - the number of years of payment (including the period of payment as the same, calculated to the month, accumulated 12 months for 1 year)

Y—I indexed the monthly average payment wage, which is the product of my average contribution wage index and the average monthly salary of the employees in the province in the previous year when I retired.

X - calculation coefficient, according to 1.3%


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