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Bank payment repayment online calculator (equal principal and interest repayment method)

Equal principal and interest repayment method
According to area and unit price
Based on the total amount of loans

App Description

The equal principal and interest repayment method refers to the lender adding up the principal and interest of the loan, and then repaying it every month. In the process of repayment in this way, the proportion of the principal to be repaid every month is gradually increasing. And its interest is gradually decreasing.

Calculation formula: \ (monthly repayment amount = loan principal × [monthly interest rate × (1 + monthly interest rate) ^ {repayment month}} ÷ [( 1 + month interest rate) ^ {repayment month number} - 1 \)

Usage example

If the commercial loan is 200,000 yuan and the loan period is 15 years, the monthly equivalent repayment amount is:

The monthly interest rate is 5.58%÷12=4.65‰, and the repayment period is 15×12=180 (yuan)

That is, the borrower repays the bank to 1,642.66 yuan per month. After 15 years, the principal and interest of the loan of 200,000 yuan will be fully paid off.


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