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Two normal population variances are known to make hypothesis tests for mean difference _ online calculation tools

1,Enter a known standard deviation in the following input box (you can also enter the standard deviation with the known variance after the letter q) :
2,Input each sample value or sample size plus calculated sample mean:
Enter each sample value Enter the sample capacity and the average value of the sample.
Enter the individual sample values for the general X and Y in the following multi-line input box, and the sample values for X and Y are separated by the character "|", and the individual sample values are separated by a comma ors blank characters
3,Select the significance level α:
0.1 0.05 0.025 0.01 0.02 0.005 0.001
4,Set the hypothesis option (original hypothesis is ): H0,alternative hypothesis is H1):
H012, H11≠μ2
H01≤μ2, H112
H01≥μ2, H112
5,Click the "Start Inspection" button to start checking:

Suppose the two populations X and Y are independent of each other and obey the normal distribution. The mean and variance of X areμ112, The mean and variance of Y areμ222, that is X~N(μ112), Y~N(μ222),This page is atσ1222 for known cases mean difference μ12as hypothetical test,the statistics are

,among them, n1,n2 are two overall sample sizes.


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