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Online cube root batch calculator

APP description

If the cube of a number x equals a, that is, the cubic power of x equals a(\(x^3=a\)), that is, the continuous multiplication of three x equals a, then the number x is called the cube root of a, also called the cube root.

Any number has and has only three cubic roots, which are evenly distributed around the circle with the origin as the center and the arithmetic root as the radius. The points corresponding to the three cubic roots form a regular triangle. The properties of cubic roots: (1) Any number that is not zero has three cubic roots. The cubic root of 0 is 0. Generally, if the cube of a number X equals a, then the number X is called the cube root of a (also called cube root). That is to say, if \(x^3=a\), then x is called the cubic root of A. 0 is the cubic root of 0.

Usage examples

Numbers: 5,6

Click "Calculate" to output the result

Cubic root: 1.709976; 1.817121


When entering numbers, separate them with commas (,) or spaces or tabs or separate lines.


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