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Root mean square calculator _ online calculation tool

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APP description

Root mean square calculator

The RMS calculator is in many cases data analysis involves voltage, current, speed, rate, distance, and it is necessary to calculate a set of data for the RMS value.


The root mean square is a statistical measure of the effective set of values for different values, also known as RMS or quadratic mean amplitude. The arithmetic mean of the square root of the square of each exact value of a data set provides the RMS value of a data set. An abbreviation for the RMS RMS value, also known as the secondary mean, the root mean square.

Quadratic mean formula

The root mean square value is derived from the different data sets {x1, x2, x3, ... xn} given in the formula, derived from the formula:

\(x_{rms}=√ \frac {x1^2+x2^2+…+xn^2}{n}\)

Usage example

Input: 5,20,40,80,100

Enter numbers separated by commas (,)

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Quantity: 5

Root mean square value: 60.7042


Enter numbers separated by commas (,)


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