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App Description

John Gate of the Gates Rubber Company with 1917. This is called the belt due to its V-shaped cross section.

A V-belt (also known as a V-belt or a wedge rope) is an early solution that solves the problem of sliding and alignment. V belt rubber belt drives things like generators, air conditioning compressors, power steering pumps and pumps.

The belt is slipped by the V-shaped track (or pulley) that fits the grooved pulley belt. The belt also tends to be slotted as a load to increase the load, the more wedge action improves the torque transmission and the V-belt is an effective solution. They can be provided at different fixed lengths or as a split section where the segments are linked (spliced) to form the desired length of the strip.

For high power requirements, two or more belts can be connected side by side in a row called a V, matching multi-slot pulley running. The strength of these belts is made of fiber reinforcement, polyester or aramid (eg Twaron).

Usage example

Input data:

Center distance of the pulley: 100

Diameter of large pulley: 40

Diameter of other pulleys: 20

Click "Calculate" to output data    Length of the V-belt: 295.2


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