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Steam valve Cv value online calculator

The absolute inlet pressure of 45% of the critical pressure drop = (the gauge pressure of the imported PSI + 14.7) × 0.45.

Increasing the criticality beyond the threshold does not result in more pressure drop in the steam flow.

The steam inlet is 12PSIG or less and the pressure is selected to drop to the inlet pressure.

It is recommended to import 80% of the gauge pressure and calculate it in the “Find the best drop”.

For steam inlet pressures greater than about 12 PSIG or greater, the pressure drop is selected to be less than or equal to the critical pressure drop.

Note: Upon entering the steam line pressure, the “Find the best drop” button selects a higher (80% inlet pressure) or a critical pressure drop.

The controllability of the best results for the "best" pressure valves has declined. You can enter your own pressure drop value.


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