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d index online calculator

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App Description

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R = permeability

N = rotation speed

W = drill pressure

D = drill diameter

ρn = mud equivalent

ρm = mud weight

C = mud slate compaction coefficient

This concept was first developed by Jordan and Shirley. This is a factor in evaluating drilling speed and predicting abnormal pore pressure zones.

All things are equal, and the d-index should increase with depth when drilling holes in normal pressure. The reversal of this trend is that drilling indicates potential overpressure.

Usage example

Input data: Permeability: 10Ft / Hr; Rotation speed: 20Rev / Minute; Drilling pressure: 20 1000 Lb; Drill diameter: 10Inches; Slurry equivalent: 60Lb / Gal; Mud weight: 40Lb / Gal; Mud slate compaction coefficient: 6

Click on "Calculate", d index: 14.6211


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