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Centripetal force-mass-speed-radius online calculator

APP description

The formula of centripetal force centrifugal force:

Centripetal centrifugal force: \(f= \frac {mv^2}{r} \)

Radius: \(r= \frac {mv^2}{f} \)

Speed: \(v=√ \frac {fr}{m} \)

Description: m = mass, r = radius of the circle, v = speed.

Usage example

Enter the value

Select the unit to be calculated: centripetal force

Mass (kg): 8

Radius (m): 5

Speed (m / s): 6

Click "Calculate" to output the result. Centripetal force (N): 57.6


For centripetal force, mass, radius, and speed, when calculating any of them, after selecting the corresponding calculation unit, the calculation result will display that it cannot be entered.


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