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Solar height angle, solar azimuth online calculator


Instructions for use

This application is often encountered in geography. The function of online calculation [solar altitude ] (/wiki/solar elevation) and [solar azimuth] (/wiki/solar azimuth) is implemented.


The azimuth is the direction from the north of the target (small house in the picture). Calculate the rotation mode: take the target as the axis, start from the north direction of the target, and rotate it in a clockwise direction. One week, the azimuth gradually increases to 360°. The azimuth angle ranges from 0 to 360 degrees.

The altitude of the sun, sometimes referred to as the height of the sun, refers to the minimum line angle of the sun's rays from a local land plane, which is the geometric center of the sun's optic surface. The angle that the ideal horizon clips. In today's life, the sun's height solution will not exceed 90 degrees.


In the above calculation, the time input, using 06:08, or 0608, means 6:8.


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