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Linear Regression Equation Calculator_Online Calculation Tool

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Linear regression calculation


Linear regression modeling of linearly observed data is a method by using the relationship between variables in a linear equation. This is the same for all forms of regression analysis, focusing on the conditional probability distribution of a given X of y, rather than in Y and X, which is the joint probability distribution of the domains in multivariate analysis. The scalar variable Y between two variables is considered to be the explanatory variable and the other one or more variables X are considered to be the dependent variable representation.

Linear regression equation:

Linear regression straight line \(Y = A + BX\), where X is the explanatory variable and Y is the formula of the variable. The slope of the line is B and A is the intercept (the value of Y when X = 0).

Linear functions use linear regression and unknown model parameters to estimate data from the data model. This method is called modeling data for linear models. In general, linear regression is assigned to a model where the value of X is the affine function of the linear regression of the conditional mean X of y, with little chance of reference to the median of the model, or some other quantitative conditional y distribution given X is expressed as a linear function of X.

To obtain a slope like B line, indicating the average Y, the linear regression of the dependent variable is calculated by the mean X, the intercept line, the regression equation and the input of this online calculator is an essential tool to analyze between the given two sets of data. relationship.


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