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Negative Binomial Distribution Calculator_Online Calculation Tool

Negative binomial distribution calculator

The negative binomial is a discrete probability function, also known as the Pascal or Polyline distribution, used to count the analysis of the data and is provided with a probability that the integer value ranges from 0 to infinity. The negative binomial distribution is similar to the Bernoulli test. The difference is that the Bernoulli test indicates the number of successes, while the negative two terms indicate the number of failures that occur at the beginning of the sequence until a given number of successes are to be achieved. It differs from the Poisson distribution in that the allowable change in conditions will exceed the conditional mean. A negative binomial distribution is a process that begins with a Poisson distribution and averages the final result.

Negative binomial distribution formula:  

Negative binomial distribution\(P(X = r) = n-1C_r-1 p^r (1-p)^{n-r}\) here,

Combination\( n-1C_r-1 = ( (n-1)! / ((n-1)-(r-1))! ) / (r-1)! \)

This tool will help you calculate statistical issues dynamically. Calculating the negative binomial distribution brings convenience.


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