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International temperature unit online conversion

App description

Temperature is a physical quantity indicating the degree of heat and cold of an object. Microscopically, it is the severity of the thermal motion of the object molecules.

Temperature can only be measured indirectly by certain properties of the object as a function of temperature. The scale used to measure the temperature value of the object is called the temperature scale. It specifies the starting point (zero point) of the temperature reading and the basic unit of the measured temperature. At present, the temperature scales used in the world are Fahrenheit (°F) and Celsius (°C). Thermodynamic temperature scale (K) and international practical temperature scale. From the perspective of molecular motion theory, temperature is a sign of the average kinetic energy of an object's molecules. Temperature is a collective manifestation of a large number of molecular thermal motions and contains statistical significance. For individual molecules, temperature is meaningless.

This tool makes it easy to convert between temperature units.

(Fahrenheit, Celsius, Absolute, Lan, Leh)

Usage example

Fahrenheit (℉): 5

Celsius degree (℃): -15

Absolute temperature (K): 258.15

Langerhans degree (οRa): 464.67

Degree of Reaumur (οR): -12

Enter the value in any unit and click "calculate" to output the result.


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