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Specific heat capacity unit (by weight) online conversion calculator

App description

Specific heat capacity, also known as specific heat capacity, is the heat capacity of a unit mass of material, even if the unit mass object changes the unit temperature of the absorption or release of internal energy. Specific heat capacity is a physical quantity that represents the thermal properties of a substance. It is usually represented by the symbol C.

The unit of specific heat capacity is a composite unit.

In the international system of units, the main unit of energy, work and heat is Joule, and the main unit of temperature is Kelvin. Therefore, the international unit of specific heat capacity is J/(kg·K), which is read as "Joule/kilogram Kelvin". The words in (()) can be omitted.)

Common units: J/(kg·℃), J/(g·℃), kJ/(kg·℃), cal/(kg·℃), kcal/(kg·℃), etc. It should be noted that centigrade and Kelvin are only different in terms of temperature scale, and are equivalent in terms of the magnitude of temperature difference. Therefore, the ℃ and K in these units can be arbitrarily replaced with each other. For example, "coke per kilogram centigrade" and "coke per kilogram on" are equivalent.

Specific heat capacity is a physical quantity indicating the ability of an object to absorb (or dissipate) heat.

In this calculator, the specific heat capacity unit (by weight) can be calculated by inputting a numerical value and selecting the conversion unit (such as kg/m3).


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