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2016-11-04 | Editor : fangzai

Erdos for the Mongolian, meaning a lot of Gongnong. Because in the Ming dynasty, Genghis Khan mausoleum moved here, the Mongolian nomadic tribes Ordos, so the plateau is also named. Ordos Plateau, located in the embrace of the Great Wall of the Yellow River, Southeast, West and Jin, Shaanxi, Ning border, north and the capital of the autonomous region of Hohhot and Baotou City across the river. 3.5 million years ago, Erdos is the famous "Hetao people" where the proliferation of interest, but also "Hetao culture" birthplace. Generation Genghis Khan's mausoleum is located in the central Ordos Ordos Ejin Holo grasslands. Ordos Plateau elevation of about 1100 ~ 1500 meters, the highest point for the western Yellow River table mountain, 2149 meters above sea level. Terrain from the northwest to the south-east tilt, ups and downs.