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Distribution of Changbai Mountain Tianchi volcano, Jingbo Lake volcano, Longgang volcano

2019-12-11  |   Editor : houxue2018  

Changbai Mountain Tianchi volcano

Changbai Mountain is located in the southeastern border of Jilin Province, the main peak on one side of our country is Baiyun Peak, the highest peak in Northeast China with an altitude of 2691m. Tianchi in Changbai Mountain and its surrounding areas are the source of Songhua, Yalu and Tumen River. The water surface of Tianchi Lake is 2189.7m above sea level and the deepest reaches 373m. Changbai Mountain has a wonderful scenery, the complete vertical landscape and primitive ecosystem are typical natural complexes, it is one of the largest nature reserves in China.

Figure 3-8 Changbai Mountain volcano (Source: www.tourtx.cn)

Changbai Mountain is the largest volcanic area in East Asia. Changbai Mountain Tianchi volcano is the most complete Cenozoic multi-genesis compound volcano preserved in China, the cone is formed by the superposition of many volcanic magma ejections. It consists of five parts: Changbai Mountain giant volcanic cone, Wangtian’e shield volcanic cone, piedmont inclined lava plateau, lava platform and parasitic volcanic group. Changbai Mountain is an active volcano, which erupted many times in history, with an average of two or three hundred years in modern times.

Jingbo Lake volcano, Heilongjiang

Holocene volcano in Jingbo Lake, Heilongjiang Province, has 13 craters, all of which are composite volcanoes. It is speculated that the latest stage of Holocene volcanic activity in Jingbo Lake may be about 1000 years. According to the present evidence of volcanic geology and chronology, there is no objection to the Holocene volcanic eruption in Jingbo Lake.

Longgang volcano, Jilin

Longgang volcanic group is dotted with more than 160 volcanic cones, which show the characteristics of high density and multi-center explosive eruption. From the west of Jingyu county to the boundary between Jingyu and Huinan, the low-level volcano crater (maar) represented by Longwan, has become a major landscape of Longgang volcanic group, among them, Dalongwan and Triangle-longwan have been developed into the only scenic spots of the low-level volcanic crater with beautiful scenery in China. In the area surrounded by Longwan, a towering volcanic cone-Jinlong Dingzi volcano rises straight from the ground. Longgang volcano is one of the few Quaternary volcanoes that still have eruption activity in modern China.

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