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Global Volcanic Distribution- Alpine-Himalayan volcanic belt, Mid-Ocean Ridge Volcanic Belt, East African Rift Volcanic Belt

2019-12-06  |   Editor : houxue2018  

Alpine-Himalayan volcanic belt

The volcanic belt is distributed in the trans-Eurasian latitudinal tectonic belt, west from Pyrenees, through the Alps to the Himalayas, with a total length of more than 100,000 km. Among them, China's Karl Darcy and Hoh Xil volcano both had an eruption in the 1950s and 1970s, the lithology is andesite and alkaline basalt.

Mid-Ocean Ridge Volcanic Belt

The mid-ocean ridge, also known as the oceanic rift valley, is "W" shaped around the globe, which runs from the arctic basin through Iceland to the south Atlantic ocean, bisects the Atlantic crust and parallels the coastline of both sides. Turning southward around the southern tip of Africa to the northeast and joining the Indian Ocean Mid-Ridge. The Indian Ocean Mid-Ridge extends northward to the northern tip of the African continent and connects with the East African Rift Valley. It goes southward around Australia to the east, connects with the southern tip of the mid-pacific ridge, the mid-pacific ridge is inclined to the eastern Pacific Ocean, extends northward into the Arctic, the whole mid-ocean ridge forms a "W" shape pattern and becomes a global oceanic rift valley with a total length of more than 80,000 km. There are about 60 active volcanoes.

East African Rift Volcanic Belt

East Africa rift valley is the largest rift zone on the earth continent, divided into two branches: The Eastern Branch of the rift zone begins at the mouth of the Shire River and runs northward through Malawi Shaw, through the central part of the East African Plateau and Ethiopia, to the northern end of the Red Sea, about 5800 km long, and then joins northward to the Jordan Valley in Western Asia, the west branch starts from the northwest end of lake Malawi in the south, passes through the lake of Tanganyika, Kivu, Edward and Albert, to the abbot Nile valley, with a length of 1700km. The famous Kilimanjaro volcano (5895m above sea level) is distributed along the East African Great Fault Zone.

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