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Benefits ,warning and response of volcanic eruption

2018-12-28  |   Editor : houxue2018  

Benefits of Volcanic eruption

Volcanic eruptions often bring great disasters to human beings, while also bring benefits, mainly in the following aspects.

First, creating some land resources for human beings. Land is the most precious resource in the world, volcanic ash from eruptions enriches the soil and often forms important agricultural areas. Like Hawaii, which was formed by volcanic eruptions, many islands in the Pacific Ocean were also formed by volcanoes.

Second, forming many mineral resources, including non-metallic and metallic resources.

Third, volcanoes are the windows of the earth, they bring abundant underground materials and information to the surface, provide the necessary material basis for scientists to study and understand the composition and deep structure of the earth's interior.

Fourth, volcanoes are important tourist resources. Some famous scenic spots in the world are formed by volcanic eruptions. Seven of the 41 geological parks in China are related to volcanoes.

Yellowstone national park in the United States was formed during volcanic eruptions. Yellowstone National Park is the first National Park in the world, founded in 1872. Yellowstone Park, located in the northwest corner of Wyoming in the Midwest of the United States, extends northwest to Idaho and Montana with an area of 8956 k㎡, which was listed as a World Natural Heritage Site in 1978.

Prediction and study of volcanic disasters

Prediction of volcanic disasters in Japan, the United States, Italy, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Russia and other multi-volcanic countries has received great attention. There are many successful experiences in International volcanic prediction, the successful eruption prediction of volcanoes such as St. Helens, USA in 1980, Oshima izu, Japan in 1986 and Pinatubo, Philippines in 1991, etc.

In order to prevent volcanic disasters and utilize volcanic resources, the national key project of "Monitoring and Research of Several Modern Active Volcanoes in China" was implemented during the Ninth Five-Year Plan period. Three volcano monitoring stations, Tianchi, Tengchong and Wudalianchi of Changbai Mountain, have been set up to change the situation that China has no fortification against active volcanoes. With the deepening of research and the improvement of national strength, more volcanoes will be studied and monitored in China.

During the Ninth Five-Year Plan period, Tengchong Volcano Observation Station, Mobile Seismological Network, Horizontal Deformation Network, Leveling and Gravity Observation Network and Ultra-Low Frequency Electromagnetic Wave Observation Station were established by China Seismological Bureau and Yunnan Seismological Bureau, a new geochemical comprehensive observation well with a depth of 120 m was drilled, the comprehensive volcano monitoring was initiated.

In 1997, China Seismological Bureau began its monitoring and research work in Tianchi volcanic area of Changbai Mountain in accordance with the national key project "Monitoring and Research of Several Modern Active Volcanoes in China" in the Ninth Five-Year Plan. After several years of research, experts believe that Changbai Mountain is a dormant active volcano, although has been dormant for 300 years, which is not uncommon for a volcano to erupt again after dormancy for hundreds of years. Geophysical exploration shows that there are signs of crustal magma chambers beneath the Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain, which is in danger of re-eruption with explosive eruption form. Because of 2 billion tons of water in the Tianchi Lake, its eruption is more destructive. During the Ninth Five-Year Plan period, China Seismological Bureau and Jilin Seismological Bureau established volcanic monitoring stations in Tianchi, Changbai Mountain , including digital seismic monitoring station network, fixed-point deformation observation system, GPS mobile observation network and geochemical observation network. The implementation of the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" project has ended the situation of unprotected Tianchi volcano, according to the current observation results, there is no sign of volcanic recovery.

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