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The disasters casued by volcanic eruption

2019-12-09  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Volcanic eruption is one of the most spectacular natural landscapes on earth but it is a kind of great disaster as well. Every massive volcanic eruption causes casualties and at the same time, lots of ash, soot and gas soared up to atmospheric stratosphere, which makes the climate abnormal and causes a seires of disasters.

The duration of each eruption varies. Some last for several days or months, some last for several years, decades or even centuries.

According to statistics, there are around 500 active volcanoes in the world, of which nearly 70 are under water and the rest are all on land. Almost every year, there are volcanic eruptions of different sizes and degrees, which bring great harm to human activities and subsistence.

About a quarter of the world’s population live in dangerous areas of volcanic activities. According to incomplete statistics, volcanic eruptions killed about 270,000 people in the last 400 years, especially in the Pacific Rim, where active volcanoes are concentrated, volcanic disasters are more abrupt.

Up to now, the most violent volcanic eruption has taken place in Indonesia and one of the most famous was the eruption of tambora in 1815.

On April 5th, 1815, the volcano erupted and people winthin 1000 km heard the blare of volcanic eruptions. Then, huge amount of gas and ash sprayed out, which lasts more than 3 months and ash swept even out of 1000 km, and the thickness of accumulation of 2000 meters is 90 cm, 25000 meters, 25 cm.

When the volcano erupted, a taunami occurred consequently, which sank the land and the nearby Tambora town to the depths of 6 meters. The eruption left nearly 100,000 people dead and loss of property can't be estimated.

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