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Volcanic eruptions have profound impact on natural landscape

2018-09-05  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Come back to life. Volcanic eruptions have profound impact on natural landscape. Land is the most valuable resource in the work because it can breed all kinds of plants to support everything on the earth. If volcanic eruptions can bring volcanic ash that is less than 20cm to the fields, farmers will feel very happy, for the nutrients in the ash can make the land more fertile.

The most active and large active volcano is Mount Maunaloa. Over the past 200 years, the volcano has erupted 35 times. At present, there are several large craters with a width of 2700 meters on the top of the mountain. In November, 1959, the volcano erupted again. At that time, the boiling lava bubbled from gap of 1000 meters long and sustained for a month. The highest height was over the height of the Empire State Builing in New York.

In August 1883, the volcanic eruption in Krakatoa, the island of Indonesia, was one of the greatest in human history. The eruption was heard in Australia. The height of tsunami waves caused by the eruption reached up to 40m. In Java and Sumatra, 165 villages were washed away. The waves lifted off the Arabian Peninsula, where is 7000 km away. More than 36000 people died in this disaster.

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