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First session of First Advisory Committee of IKCEST under the Auspices of UNESCO held in Beijing

2017-05-27  |   Editor : houguangbing  
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The first session of the First Advisory Committee of IKCEST under the Auspices of UNESCO was held in Beijing on the afternoon of 18 November 2015.

The International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology (shortened as “IKCEST”) is a category 2 centre under the auspices of UNESCO. IKCEST was established in June, 2014. It’s committed to mobilizing the engineering science and technology research institutions, enterprises and universities globally, assembling data resources, discovering knowledge from big data and promoting its application.

The meeting was attended by the First Advisory Committee members, as well as Hans Dencker Thulstrup, Programme Specialist for Natural Sciences of the UNESCO Beijing Office, Rovani Sigamoney, Assistant Programme Specialist of UNESCO Headquarters, system platform experts of IKCEST, and staff members of IKCEST Secretariat.

The First Advisory Committee was co-chaired by CAE Member Pan Yunhe, former Vice President of CAE and Prof. Raj Reddy, CAE Foreign Member and Turing Award Winner, and composed of 11 foreign and domestic experts. CAE Member Pan Yunhe and Prof. Raj Reddy took the chair of this meeting and issued the official appointment certificates to all Advisory Committee members. The meeting held discussions on the annual IKCEST International Symposium and discussed the theme, time and venue of IKCEST International

Symposium 2016. Members reached agreement on that the IKCEST international Symposium should not only focus on the organizational responsibility of the IKCEST, but also pay attention to knowledge service applied into different fields, so that knowledge would integrate with service, producing knowledge service in the real sense.

Participants also held in-depth discussion regarding IKCEST platfor m development framework, suggesting that in order to build up a knowledge service platform that is with its distinctive features and focuses based on actual situation, a sustainable service mechanism needs to be set up. They also recommended that IKCEST should further identify its target users and realize the comprehensive interdisciplinary development in the future. In the meantime, it was suggested that more attention should be paid to the intellectual property, striving to construct IKCEST’s
classification standards and metadata bases.

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