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The flood, debris flow and great fire disasters in China in 1980s

2018-08-22  |   Editor : houguangbing  

The provinces Sichuan, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Liaoning and Guangxi had experienced flood in 1981 with affected 39.786 million hectares and 18.743 million hectares disaster area. About 5.162 million hectares farmland did have nothing to acquire and 2.615 million houses collapsed, 3.776 million houses damaged, 2.6 billion people influenced, 9099 people dead and 50,000 people injured by the disaster.

In the mountains behind Xintan town, Zigui County, Hebei Province, a landslide in the form of whole pushed by the accumulation layer covered the whole Xintan town. The area of the landslide was 680 square meters; the total earthwork is 30 million cubic meters and 6 million cubic meters were go down from 800 meters. There has no one dead or injured due to prompt evacuation, but the property suffered a serious damage; huge swell destroyed all the warehouses which were not far from a river, overturned 77 boats that parked in the river and made 11 dead, missing one person, the total loss up to 8.3 million.

Great fire broke out and last 25 days in Greater Khingan in 1987, formed 0.3 million hectares big fire in Mohe and 0.2 million hectares in Tahe. About 1.01 million hectares being affected and 0.7 million hectares from this was forest; 56092 people l suffered from the big fire, 193 person dead, 226 person injured and 4 billion yuan lost directly.

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