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Application of Geographic Information System in the Construction of Smart City

2021-11-15  |   Editor : houxue2018  
Category : Technology

In the process of smart city construction, geographic information system is needed to provide technical support to promote the development of smart city construction. In the construction of smart cities, there are mainly three types of geographic information system application groups, one is the government, the other is the enterprise, and the other is the public. These three types of groups have their own different application requirements for geographic information systems.With the help of computer software and hardware technology and Internet technology and equipment, the geographic information system can complete geographic information data collection, storage, retrieval, statistics and distribution, and provide different groups with the geographic data they need, promote the efficient and rapid flow of information,improve the degree of urban intelligence.

1. Application in urban planning and construction

Geographical information system plays an important and irreplaceable role in smart city planning and construction. In particular, the establishment of a three-dimensional visualized architectural model can provide urban planning staff with accurate planning basic information and promote the scientific and rapid development of urban planning and construction.In the field of urban planning, the staff can use the geographic information collected by the geographic information system to gradually construct a three-dimensional information model of the city’s buildings. The three-dimensional three-dimensional model can fully show the spatial location information between urban buildings and help the staff fully understand the city. The current situation of construction planning and the intuitive reproduction of the future urban landscape can help them to further think about the direction of urban construction optimization.

In terms of urban infrastructure construction, with the help of the geographic information system's geographic information big data statistical analysis function, the staff can conduct a comprehensive analysis based on the information of population mobility and infrastructure construction in each region to determine the type and density of urban infrastructure construction and other information to carry out the construction of urban infrastructure in a targeted manner.

In modern urban planning and construction work, traditional two-dimensional geographic information data is far from meeting the needs of the work, because two-dimensional geographic data is difficult to fully and intuitively complete the information expression.3D geographic data is more in line with people’s usual thinking and cognitive habits, and is easier to understand and accept. Therefore, the comprehensive development and application of two-dimensional geographic information data, three-dimensional geographic information and image data is more and more popular in the industry.

2. Application in urban convenience services

With the accelerated development of urban modernization, residents' demand for efficient and convenient services has become wider and wider, and their quality has become higher and higher. The higher the level of urban intelligence, the higher the quality of convenient services it provides to residents, and the more extensive the content. In the process of building a smart city, related intelligent software and geographic information systems are interlinked, and can process, extract, analyze, and use relevant information to provide services for residents' production and life. The construction of a smart city needs to achieve full coverage of the city-wide network so that all kinds of information can flow quickly throughout the city. When realizing information sharing, the geographic information system can be used to collect and store information within the city, and then upload its location information to the cloud. The collected information will be summarized and organized for people in need, they feel the convenience brought by smart cities.

Although the intelligent systems of many cities have not been completed yet, many people have already enjoyed the convenient services brought by geographic information systems. When traveling, you only need to click on the navigation software, enter the address, and the navigation software can plan the travel route and select the appropriate travel mode.

For example, AutoNavi Map not only provides route planning, but can also view the bus location in real time and realize functions such as one-click car-hailing. If people choose to ride, some software can find nearby shared bicycles for them, and the unlocking function can be realized with a simple operation;If you want to go out for leisure and amusement, mobile phones can also provide people with travel guides, provide people with introductions to tourist attractions in various places, and recommend local specialty gourmet restaurants,etc.

3. Application in city detailed management

The geographic information system also provides data for the daily management of the city to help improve the construction of related infrastructure. For example, in the daily management of a smart city, a geographic information system can collect geographic information on the urban road surface to show the urban road surface conditions to the staff.

If the manhole cover of a certain section of the road sinks or there is an abnormal condition on the road, which affects normal vehicle traffic, the geographic information system can feed back information to the staff in time, and take immediate measures to restore the road surface smoothness to avoid affecting the traffic order and causing traffic congestion phenomenon.

With the development of science and technology in our country, the way that geographic information system collects information also presents a diversified development. At present, the most widely used is the collection of UAV equipment, that is, the installation of collectors on UAV equipment to collect relevant information, conduct inspections on transmission lines or railway tracks, and obtain relevant information about the lines. If there is an accident, it can also be timely Find out and deal with it early to avoid accidents. In recent years, my country has attached great importance to environmental protection. The use of geographic information systems can monitor pollution sources in cities in real time and prevent some enterprises from discharging pollutants.

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