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Main tributaries of Liaohe River-Daliao River

2018-02-02  |   Editor : jiping  
Category : Natural Sciences

Daliao River refers to the confluence of Hui River and Taizi River, from Sancha River to the estuary in Yingkou. It was the sea-entering channel of the main stream of Liao River before 1958, because Wailiao River was cut off in 1958 and since then Daliao River has become the only sea-entering channel of Hui River and Taizi River.

With a total length of 94 kilometers and a drainage area of 1926 square kilometers, Daliao River locates at the alluvial plain of Liao River and its soil textures are loam and mild clay. Its channel has many twists and turns, thus belongs to the curved channels. Bank slump often occurs when flooding, and rechannling happens when severe floods occur. Historically, the Daliao River has been cut off naturally for many times, therefore, it has many abandoned channels. Daliao River was heading south of Yingkou county Shangjuntai village and it headed west after a flood in 1888. The abandoned channel silted up and was turned into farmland.

After the Wailiao River was cut off in 1958, the sands and soils of Liao River did not pour into it anymore, therefore, its spillway expanded with a flood carrying capacity of 1000~2500 square kilometer/second. The Daliao River is tidal reach, and its spring tide comes from Sancha River. Daliao River flows south-westward, and after passing Xiakanzi, Shifo, Shangjuntai, Shuiyuan and Rongxing Farm, it alters its direction to southeast, flowing into Yingkou city. Its left bank has and its right bank has 3 first-grade tributaries: Nan River, Xinkai River and Wailiao River.

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