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Strengthening fire control safety management is the key to prevent fire

2018-03-27  |   Editor : jiping  
Category : Humanity

It is important for each of us to learn about or master knowledge of avoiding the risks scientifically and the positive self-help knowledge of some fires.

Fire in any place can cause untold disasters and losses. However, the most likely hidden danger is the widespread paralysis thoughts. Before the fire, many people did not take precautions, and always think that there would be no problems. But many fires occur because of the thought of paralysis. So, we should:

  1. Carry out the policy of "taking precaution as the principal thing and prevention and elimination as the combination".

In the management of fire safety, only implement the principle of "taking precaution as the principal thing and prevention and elimination as the combination " and follow the principle of self-defence and manage strictly and scientifically can we prevent fires effectively.

  1. Establish and improve fire control facilities and alarm devices.

Management personnel of organs, factories and mines enterprises, streets, community, hotels, entertainment venues, schools, office buildings, malls and other units should, in accordance with the Hereby of the People's Republic of China, build and improve the fire control facilities and alarm devices, and strictly do a good job of fire safety management, which includes keeping evacuation passageway clear, and never lock and block the safe exit and improving the system of safety responsibilitiy system. Make sure that the division of labor is clear and everyone has responsibility. Everyone is responsible for their respective functions and undertakes their own responsibilities. Ensure that the fire safety responsibility, fire safety system and measures are implemented. Formulate emergency evacuation and rescue plan for fire fighting and conduct drills and publicize education to employees and the masses continuously.

Especially some management department of high buildings, shopping malls, entertainment venues and other public places should, according to the relevant regulations, set up and dredge fire escape and evacuation channel and install fire extinguisher, alarm, fire hose, fire prenvention door and other fire control facilities and check regularly to ensure that facilities are in good condition. In addition, in the opening hours or after business hours, appoint special person to conduct security inspection.

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