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The Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service System of IKCEST was introduced in DBAR 2019 conference

2019-12-27  |   Editor : wangqiuyuan  
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IKCEST Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service was presented in the 4th Digital Belt and Road Conference (DBAR 2019) to be held 17-19 December, in Shenzhen, China. Digital Belt and Road Program (DBAR) is a pioneering international venture to share expertise, knowledge, technologies and data to demonstrate the significance of Earth observation and Big Earth Data applications for large-scale sustainable development.


IKCEST Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service (DRRKS) team attended the 4th Digital Belt and Road conference (DBAR 2019) held 17 -19 December 2019, Shenzhen, China. Professor Wang Juanle, executive director made a presentation titled “Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service: a paradigm shift from disaster data towards knowledge services” at the “Data Sharing Advancing the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 17” Session. This presentation introduced the transformation from data sharing and information sharing to knowledge services approaches and practices based on IKCEST Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service.

Fig 1 Prof. Wang Juanle made a presentation in the conference

DBAR 2019 conference host several specialized sessions examining the applications of Big Earth Data for sustainable development in different fields, such as environmental change, disasters, water resources, agriculture, natural and cultural heritage, coast and marine, urban and infrastructure, high mountain and arctic, and the need for Big Earth Data in solving large-scale regional and global problems. Conference host experts and participants from wide variety of public and private entities for improved partnerships and networking towards collaborative and collective efforts for regional sustainable development, through cooperation, sharing and integration of methodologies and data, and pooling of human and technological resources, as an example towards global sustainability.

DBAR is an international science program for the sustainable development of the Belt and Road Region (B&R) using Big Earth Data. DBAR pursue outstanding research and development questions relevant to attaining SDGs in B&R countries through a system of Foci that are categorized into two parts, one centralized on Big Earth Data, while other eight Foci encompass the social, environmental and technological aspects of different SDGs and are relevant to and addresses the sustainable development in B&R region. DBAR calls for international Science Technology and Innovation (STI) cooperation in support of SDGs at local, regional and national levels.

Provided by the IKCEST Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service System

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