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Influence of forest fire disaster on forest ecosystem in Great Xing' anling

Date: 2018-06-08      View counts: 3369    


Journal of Beijing Forestry University
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forest fire disaster, forest ecosystem, influence of fire, Great Xing' anling
A serious fire disaster took place in the northern forest region of the Great Xing' anling in northeastern China in the spring of 1987 and this forest fire resulted in serious losses.Now the effect of the heavy fire on forest ecosystem has beenwidely concerned, while this problem was seldom discussed in the past years.After the all-round investigations from 1987, some conclusions are summarized as follows:(1)In the forest lands suffered from the serious fire , large diameter trees of Larix gemelinii and Pinus syvestris var .mongolica have not been burned to death , but all of Populus davidiana and Betule platyphylla died in the mid-degree fire .(2)After the fire disaster, large areas of natural young forests were developed, which mainly originated from the sprouts of Betula platyphylla , and there wasgood natural regeneration in the Betula platyphylla and Pinus syvestris var.mongolica stands.(3)After Larix gemelinii standswere burned, the growth rate decreased firstly , and then restored to the normal level , but the growth volume increased.After the Pinussyvestris var .mongolica stands suffered from the serious fire , growth rate always decreased but the growth volume increased obviously .(4)Effect of the fire on plant diversity was very slight .(5)During the three years after fire disaster, vegetation in the thin soil of steep and southern slopeswas restored slowly , and soil andwater conservation ability reduced sharply .The soil erosion on these slopeswas intensive and these slopes mostly developed into barren mountains later .Vegetation restored quickly in the flat and gentle slopeswith good water condition, but environment has little changes.(6)Organic matter and mineral nutrition in the forest soil where fire has happened reduced greatly .The steeper the slope is,the poorer the soil is.
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