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Analysis of Drought Monitoring in Inner Mongolia Based on CLDAS Data

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 3776    


Sun Xiaolong, Song Haiqing, Li Ping et al.
Meteorological Monthly
Drought monitoring
Paper Keyword
CMA Land Data Assímilation System (CLDAS), data assimilation, drought monitor, Inner Mongolia
The soil moisture and precipitation data of Inner Mongolia of CMA Land Data Assimilation Sys-tem (CLDAS) were evaluated. The drought that happened in Inner Mongolia in the summer of 2014 wasanalyzed using CLDAS with RSM and DNP, and the results of dry year (2014) and wet year (2013> werecompared with SPI and PDECI. The analysis results revealed that the dynamic variation of daily soil rela-tive moisture and the precipitation area and grade can be reconstructed by CLDAS, which can meet the requirements of drought monitoring. The soil relative moisture index based on CLDAS can monitor the dailyand regional changes of drought of quickly and conveniently. The continuous absence of effective precipitation day is relatively valid for estimating long period and continuous drought. In brief, CLDAS is able tofulfill the timeliness, resolution and representativeness requirements of meteorological service, and canserve research and operation widely as important supplementary for monitoring data. It is valuable for are-as like Inner Mongolia where weather station is relatively scarce in a widespread area.
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