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Overview of research trends and progress in the world’s arid climate (Ⅰ): Research developments in several major arid countries and the United Nations contribute

Date: 2021-09-28      View counts: 935    


Qian Zhengan
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World arid climate, major drought events, eight major arid regions, arid regions in China and Mongolia, causes of arid climate
In order to review and comment on the research trends and progress of the world's arid climate in the past 70 years, this review series (I) first reviews the research trends of several major arid countries in the world and the contributions of the United Nations professional organizations. The main points are as follows: (1) Two major drought events occurred in the world in the 20th century, namely the "sandstorm drought" in the United States in the 1930s and the continuous drought in North Africa from 1968 to 1999. They have suffered severe disasters and have a strong warning effect, which has promoted the study of the world's arid climate. (2) As a powerful country in science and technology in the world today, the United States started early in the study of arid climates and played a leading role in every branch of arid climates, especially in the formulation and application of drought indices and criteria, the causes of arid climates, and climate models. The analog side of the game. (3) As a large developing country in China, the Sino-Mongolian arid region is a unique mid-latitude arid region in the world. Although my country’s arid climate research started late, the water transport in Northwest China, the cause of the arid climate in Northwest China, and the spring sandstorms in the Sino-Mongolian region, etc. The research has also achieved encouraging results. (4) Other countries such as Australia, Britain, Japan and the United Nations have also made important contributions to the world's arid climate research, curbing global warming and responding to global climate change.
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